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Corporate Videography Singapore

Corporate video production is the process of creating a professional video based on any business or organization to effectively communicate with their target audience.

Corporate videography can be aimed at presenting financial results, showcasing a new initiative, or employee training. When done well, videos can greatly increase business engagement with the target audience and strengthen brand.

When you decide to use corporate videos, it is crucial to appreciate that they come in varying types. Therefore, which is the best for your organization? Here are the main types of videos you can select:

  • Promotional Videos: These videos are used when you want to highlight a specific initiative, service, or product. For example, a company can use promotional videos to highlight a product before its launch.
  • Training videos: This is another category of videos that has become very popular. They are mainly used for on-boarding new hires, upskilling staff, and branding. The impressive thing about these videos is that they work pretty well with multiple audiences.
  • Conference videos: These videos are designed to convey messages to attendants of corporate events. They can be shown in conferences, meetings, or trade booths. Today, the videos are mainly used together with email marketing.
  • Corporate social responsibility videos: If your enterprise is involved with varying social initiatives, you can create related videos and use them for branding the business. For example, you can create corporate social responsibility videos about your organization’s focus on reducing carbon footprint or offering scholarships to needy students.

Why Bloxo?

1. We differentiate your brand

Turn skeptical prospects into converts. Videos help you convince and convert prospects by introducing the right blend of trust and credibility

2. We empower your sales teams

Give your sales reps the crust that adds texture to your products and services

3. We explain complex ideas

Videos provide an audio-visual experience to explain your complex ideas. We’ll help you dish out something so that it’ll sear into viewer’s memory

Your Company’s First Impression Is Your Digital Presence

Today, most people’s first impression of a company is their website or digital presence. For an eCommerce store, this may be their Instagram page.

Many B2B companies’ clients first know of them through their videos on their website.

Create a good first impression with a professional corporate video production company. Contact us today!

How Amazing Videos Can Help With Productivity, Marketing & Even HR

Companies are frequently finding ways to gain and attain viewers on a constant basis. Video production company Singapore experts have worked hand-in-hand with businesses to provide quality content which gets a message across.

Consumers love to watch videos and it’s a good opportunity for businesses to attract prospective clients. Think about how you spend your time on Instagram and how a well-produced video catches your attention. Corporate video production is on the rise and becoming more popular on social media platforms too. Video production company Singapore businesses produce content in unique ways for both external and internal communications. 

Companies use corporate video production internally for training, human resources, organisational functions and more. Corporate videos are a way to boost employee morale by finding innovative ways to effectively communicate and learn.